Doomies to the rescue!

What do you do when your friends visiting from out of town are vegan?  You take them to Doomie's!  Or as it happened on this weekend, they come prepared knowing already where they would like to go, and you simply... Follow.

Can you blame your vegan friends for wanting to taste bacon, chicken and cheese?  I certainly can't.  There are some things we've become accustomed to eating and it's only natural for our bodies to crave the foods it's been accustomed to eating.

My vegan friends who we will call Mr. and Ms. Veganite were craving comfort food, so they came to dine at no other than Doomie's located in Hollywood a block away from the Arclight theater and serving the best comfort vegan food.  

Mr. & Ms. Veganite

The menu served everything from burgers, pastas, chicken and salads, including a wide range of dessert, a few different cupcakes as well as brownies and even croissants, should you want a pastry!

Starters and sides there are aplenty including Jalapeno Poppers and mac 'n cheese, tonight we decide on Broccoli soup, absolutely delicious!  And Hot Chicken wings, which of course included a little stick to make it look like an actual chicken!  The faux bone in the faux chicken was... cute?  Or was it just a bit odd?  Whatever it was the the faux hot chicken wings that came with a side of faux-ranch tasted like hot chicken wings and yummy too!  At this point, I'm in awe.

Mr. Veganite orders a vegan bacon and cheese burger, there is a strip in the burger that looks very much like bacon and of course... tastes very much like bacon!  There is a yellow colored sauce, the cheese, and though it looks pretty disgusting in my opinion, the yellow sauce does taste like cheese.  And when you take a bite out of this faux bacon cheese burger, it indeed tastes like a bacon cheese burger!  Now I'm pretty amazed.

Ms. Veganite has set her sights on fried chicken which comes with a side of sliced potatoes, a biscuit and corn.  The chicken is breaded and fried, and of course in the center of this faux chicken is a faux bone!  The fried chicken tastes of fried chicken, the potatoes delicious!  The chicken delicious!  

Mr. Borscht opts for a chop salad with real cheese, yes, the real cheese is an option here at Doomie's, *whew!  Thank goodness for that!  The chop salad was fresh and very delicious, I would go as far as to say that this chop salad is probably one of the best I've had in town, and a very huge portion it is too.

I'm not one for faux bacon nor faux chicken with their cute little faux bones and so I order a shrimp pasta, just adventurous enough for me in the vegan genre.  Aside from the pasta being a little too oily it was delicious.  The faux shrimp though was funny looking, but I probably could have gotten past that had it not been for the slightly rubbery texture and the not so quite like shrimp taste.

I now understand why vegans come to Doomie's to feed their comfort-crave, everything tastes as it should, tricking your senses and your tummy.  Doomie's is the one place where vegan's can have their naughty foods and find their fantasy flavors come to taste.

The Damage:  $72.00 +/-

1 Iced Tea
1 Coffee
1 Cola
1 Hot Wings App
1 Chop Salad
1 Shrimp Pasta
1 Bacon cheese Burger
1 Fried Chicken plate
1 cup of Broccoli soup

And of course, we all left pretty happy

1253 N. Vine Street
Hollywood CA 90038
(323) 469.4897

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