Crepevine, searching searching searching... Then there was Crepevine

Mr. Borscht and I found ourselves in San Francisco visiting an old friend, a close old friend, Friend Simon.  Saturday, brunch time we found ourselves near the botanical gardens, hungry, walking the streets and looking for a place to fill our empty voids most commonly known as the stomach, or as I like to call it, Tummy.  We were pointed by a baker across the street to a place called Crepevine, couldn't say I liked the name very much, but there were tons of people there and a long line to the register- when in doubt follow the masses, I suppose.  We got in line.

The line was long but that was okay, we were okay with that, because the Crepevine menu board was absolutely packed with delicious descriptions of breakfast, pasta, lunch and drink items.

Number 11!

Aleksey opted for a Denver omelet with a Sangria.  The Denver omelet was spectacular, I took a bite, all the flavors of the omelet stuffing were exact and flavorful, the ham a little salty, the bell peppers peppery, the cheese... cheezy!  The omelet itself had me asking whether it was the best form of eggs I've ever consumed, the omelet was nothing less than perfect, moist, soft, not too dry, tasted of eggs (fresh!), the Denver omelet was beautiful!  If beautiful had a taste, this is definitely what it would taste like.

The Sangria was large with nice chunks of fruit floating about, sweet, tangy, slightly fruity- very delicious but not very alcoholic oddly enough.

I opted for a single shot of mocha, the mocha was very average although nice to look at served in a tall glass and all.  To go with my mocha... or vice versa, French Toast!  And not just any french toast but Parisienne French Toast, bits of nuts and raisins added a crunch and sweetness.  Four slices of french toast filled my empty void perfectly, and though I can't say it was the best french toast I've eaten, it was pretty darn good.

On the table sat syrup for those who needed it, Great Northern Maple Syrup in one of those glass bottles that just makes you want to pick it up and pour a tremendous oozing amount on your bread beckoned me to taste it, and so I did, but just a little bit as I'm not all too fond of syrup.  It was of course too sweet, which is exactly why I don't like syrup.  I had my french toast plain, as I almost always do, and it was still damn good.

The Damage:  $56.00 +/-

1 Sangria
1 Double shot mocha
1 Single shot mocha
1 Lg Orange juice
1 Custom crepe
1 Denver Omelet
1 Parissiene French toast

216 Church Street
San Francisco CA 94114
(415) 431.4646

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