Crepevine Pt. 2, Brunch

What do you do when you eat at a restaurant you've never eaten before and decide you're not quite sure how you feel about the food?  You eat there again, you give it a second go.  What do you do when you eat at a restaurant you've never eaten before and decide that you like the food?  You eat there again.  And that's exactly what we did.

While in San Francisco visiting Friend Simon we stumbled upon a restaurant called Crepevine, and though it was decided upon that Tummy didn't like the name at all we gave it a try anyway, and we found that the food was delicious.  So the next day, Tummy, Mr. Borscht and Friend Simon found themselves once again at Crepevine.

Oddly enough, we were number 11 again!

On this day we all decide to start the day with a bit of fun, 
Mimosa! Bloody Mary! Sangria!  

Mr. Borscht orders a spinach, smoked salmon crepe which included carmelized onions and melted cheese.  It was delicious as almost always smoked salmon crepes are when gotten at decent crepe shops.

Today in celebration of brunch I opt for the pulled pork sandwich:  BBQ pulled pork, shredded lettuce with ranch dressing.  The dish came with a side of french fries and a lightly dressed salad.  The BBQ pulled pork hit the spot and was delicious as almost always BBQ pulled pork sandwiches are when gotten at a decent sandwich shop.

Crepevine is decidedly a delicious place to get your grub on, but I would be lying if I said it was fantastic and what you get here you couldn't get anywhere else.  Crepevine has a wonderful casual atmosphere, a great place to get brunch on your sleepy sunday after a night of partying the night before. The food is above average but it not life-changing, nothing to ooo and ahhh about wide-eyed... or sleepy eyed.

And for those of you who read this post and decide not to visit Crepevine because I'm saying it's nothing to ooo and ahhh about... well let's just remember we came here two days in a row on our short visit to San Francisco.

The Damage: $62.00 +/-

1 Black coffee
1 Mimosa
1 Bloody Mary
1 Sangria
1 BBQ Pulled pork sandwich
1 Smoked salmon Crepe
1 Custom Crepe

216 Church Street
San Francisco CA 94114
(415) 431.4646

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