Ord Hoyka Noodle

I love the earth, I really do, planet earth is the only home I've got- you've got- we've all got... so I do my part, I do what I can.  I recycle, I abandoned my beloved vehicle and became a pedestrian/bicyclist, I carpool, I try to share my 'save the world' knowledge with those who will listen... and not listen.  So when my pedestrian ass had to pick up a pair of concert tickets in Hollywood who did I call for a favor, a ride?  Brother Charlie.  Apparently being an earth-loving tree-hugger has it's downside because when you call in a favor you have to do one in return, today it was buy Brother Charlie lunch.

Ord Hoyka Noodle was the place.  A hip urbanized Thai hole-in-the wall noodle shop specializing in noodle soup that is most comparable to that of the Vietnamese Pho.  

The Ord Hoyka Noodle soup comes in a small and large portion and contains rice noodles, bean sprouts, diagonal slices of green beans, fish balls, bbq pork, pork, liver, herbs, chili peppers.  The broth is spicy, warm and delicious but in all honesty doesn't compare to the Vietnamese Pho which I think has more flavor.

A plate of mixed vegetables to share.  Broccoli, sliced carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, green beans, mushrooms in a slightly sweet brown sauce.  The vegetables were delicious also but nothing special.

The Thai iced tea bordered on the too sweet.

Overall, the Ord Hoyka Noodle soup was delicious as was the mixed vegetables, but none of it was truly special and mouth-waters.  The price is affordable, the atmosphere casual, the service fast and friendly- for lunch on a weekday it's great but if you're looking for a real experience with Thai noodle soup this is probably not the place to come.

The Damage:  $20.00 +/-

1 Thai Iced Tea
1 Sm. Ord Hoyka noodle soup
1 Lg. Ord Hoyka noodle soup
1 Mixed veg

Ord Hoyka Noodle
5401 Hollywood Blvd
LA CA 90027
(323) 463.1339

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