Brother Charlie Checks In From Turkey

Brother Charlie says the chicken is the cleanest he has ever tasted

Brother Charlie has left for Turkey a week ago, he has been staying at Hostels, walking, talking, walking, making friends, walking some more and voyaging through the towns not often seen by many tourists... and of course, he's been eating.  Luckily he was not anywhere near Van during the recent 7.0+ earthquake that hit recently, else he would not have been able to send Tummy these beautiful pictures of Turkish food.

His biggest complaint?  The coffee is not as good as he thought it would be, and in fact is very much like Greek coffee but not as tasty, or is Greek coffee like Turkish coffee?  Anyhow, as we all know Brother Charlie has a serious addiction to good coffee- I think we can say for a fact that he probably is suffering.

Brother Charlies says the kabobs & yogurt are THE best

The rice looks sweet and sticky but I'm sure it's more of a pilaf

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