Original Thai BBQ perfect for a post-hike meal

Above is a picture of the Hollywood sign taken during the middle of a hike around the Griffith Park & Observatory, this is my way of proving to you that I did sooooooo deserve the meal I am about to speak of.  

As of late I have been feeling as if I was a lump of dough that had been sitting out for too long, bloated and heavy and, and... dare I say the word? "SOFT!"

Once upon a time Tummy had a six-pack shield which now has been replaced with this layer of, I'm not sure what it is, skin fat? ick.  Once upon a time Tummy was supported by toned calves and thighs, punch a hole through a brick wall I could, now it's just "SOFT!"

So naturally, with the awareness of my deteriorating physique I jumped on the chance to go hiking when Brother Charlie asked if I cared to come.  What was supposed to be a little hike accidentally turned into an actual 1.5hr hike, I was sweating (very unusual for me) and Brother Charlie was beading.  By the end of our hike Brother Charlie was very hungry and I... I was so tired I couldn't even feel Tummy, but of course I went anyways.

We decided on Thai and this is where we went, Original Thai BBQ Restaurant.  The sun was MIA today, it was perfect hiking weather and perfect Thai food weather as it so happened.

It doesn't look like much from out-side but remember what I said,
it's usually these places that serve the best food.

Tummy was still numb shocked from the sudden hike and so opted for the medium Spicy Shrimp Soup, also perfect for gloomy weather.  Plenty of cute little mushrooms & shrimp floated around and the broth was a heavenly sour with flavors of lemon grass, cilantro & other spices that were subtle tasting- it was absolutely delicious.

Soup was kept heated on the table

Brother Charlie having had been here a few more times than I ordered his "usual", the BBQ Chicken dinner which came with a side of Honey BBQ dipping sauce  that was sweet with a subtle tang for the chicken, which also came with a side of shrimp fried rice!  Having a look around at what the other customers were having, it so seemed that the BBQ Chicken was a fairly popular dish.

The chicken was per~fect.  Moist and flavorful with the slightly gooey Thai BBQ Seasoning on the skin, if that wasn't enough the dipping sauce only enhanced the chicken eating experience.

The rice had a more subtle flavor to it and the shrimp did it's job of making the side of rice "special" in it's own way making it more of a treat than a side dish.  Brother Charlie added spoonfuls of the hot but sweet & tangy chili (pictured below) to the rice which once again enhanced the experience (Chili with the rice?  Highly suggested to do so if you can handle your spice *zing!)

Of course you won't be surprised to hear that now I have a new favorite in Los Angeles, this place, Original Thai BBQ Restaurant.  The people are nice, the atmosphere comfortable, the food tastes like home-made deliciousness and the prices are very fair.  It's going to be a Thai fave of whoever decides to try this place out, it's just that kind of place: de~lish!

As always we really cleaned it up.

1 Spicy Shrimp Soup
1 BBQ Chicken dinner

The Damage:  $19.97

Original Thai BBQ Restaurant
4055 W. 3rd Street
LA CA 90020
(213) 383.8571

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