Le Pain Quotidien in Larchmont Village

Let me first clarify that my "better half" is Russian, hence the name I grant him in The Adventures Of Tummy, Mr. Borscht.

Mr. Borscht and I made the terrible mistake of staying awake almost all night and the next day we groggily sauntered into Le Pain Quotidien in Larchmont Village, an area we seem to find ourselves a lot of the time.  Le Pain Quotidien has made a niche for themselves in the world of organic food and serves great breakfasts, they've got beautiful spreads for breads such as Mr. Borscht's favorite Praline spread, which is much like Peanut Butter, only better.  They also have a variety of jams and a white chocolate spread that I have yet to grow the balls to try, I merely took a whiff today and my teeth began to hurt.

The pastry selection always looks so wonderful!

Their jams & spread for sale

Le Pain Quotidien is one of those places that is fun to eat at, they have communal tables with loaves of bread that are partially sliced to hold the menus, they serve teas, coffees and hot chocolates in earless cups that look more like bowls, all the tables are untreated wood and everything seems to scream organic, healthy... au natural!  You're more likely to find settled down, middle-aged granola families eating here than the posh hip, chic chicks so common in LA.  Because of all this, the atmosphere is unique and has an overall kind-of homely and comely feeling.

The communal table

Though Le Pain Quotidien serves great breakfasts Mr. Borscht and I decided to go light in lieu of our groggy situation, we just couldn't fathom stomaching a full meal half asleep.  Instead, I ordered a cup of fruit salad, a croissant and of course, a coffee.

Plain black coffee at Le Pain Quotidien is always very good and it's just plain fun the way they serve it, in a small individual-sized kettle and a cup with no ears.  But if you can bypass the coffee then I suggest trying the hot chocolate which is absolutely wonderful here.

The Fruit salad was sadly average, consisting of melons, a few slices of strawberries and couple of berries.  On the upside, the portion was perfect.

Here's one suggestion for you to keep in mind:  if you do decide to visit Le Pain Quotidien, croissants, brioches and any other breakfast-type breads are a bit dry, I imagine it's the result of using organic products, the fact that it's organic however only makes the dryness slightly bearable.  So instead I suggest foregoing the breakfast bread for the Praline spread (which isn't good for you anyways although yummy) and go for a true Le Pain Quotidien breakfast.

Apricot Jam & Praline Spread in a caddy on the table

The only reason I got the croissant this morning was for the Praline spread, yes, it was worth it.

And of course, as usual, we cleaned it up real good.

2 black coffees
2 croissant
1 cup fruit salad

The Damage:  $19.15

Le Pain Quotidien
113 N. Larchmont
LA CA 90004
(323) 461.7701

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