Fish Grill Pt. 2, Fish Tacos

Mr. Borscht has this weird thing for fish, like... he actually likes it.  So on this fine day Brother Charles and Tummy decided to take Mr. Borscht to the Fish Grill.  You remember that one random fish shack on Beverly Blvd I did a review on too long ago?  Well, in that first article on Fish Grill I mentioned farts and I also mentioned going back for another taste, to be sure, since the fish was a bit dry on the first try I really wanted to try their fish tacos which looked absolutely amazing.

So here I am again doing another post on the random fish shack called the Fish Grill on Beverly Blvd even though I suffered from major, and I mean MAJOR gas pains the last time I was there stuffing my face... for the love of art, right?  Right.  So let us begin!

Mr. Borscht who tends to love straight out fish ordered the Mesquite Grilled Trout plate which included coleslaw and french fries.  It was a flash back of the previous time I had been there, Tummy and Brother Charles hunched over a fairly dry fish... eh... not so good then, not so good now.  And surprisingly the trout tasted much like the sea-bass Tummy had the first time around, interesting... and I don't mean that in a good way, I mean, shouldn't sea-bass taste like sea-bass and trout taste like trout?  But I'm no fisherman.

Brother Charlie ordered the Grilled fish taco plate which included two hefty looking tacos that were full of fish, tomatoes and cabbage and a side of french fries and dry baked potato.  Brother Charlie said "hands-down fish tacos way betta!"

Today I opted for the fried fish taco plate which included once again two hefty looking fish tacos, french fries and a salad.  The taco included a good portion of fried-fish topped with tomatoes and coleslaw, there was a lovely crunch from the fried fish and the cabbage was fresh and cold, and as one would assume of their fish taco, it tasted of fish.... but not quite as flavorful as one would like, if anything the fish tasted more fried than flavorful fish topped with fresh produce.  It was slightly disappointing for me as I was looking forward to their fish tacos after my first visit to the Fish Grill.  Their french fries were the same as well, a bit tasteless though looking authentically fresh, this all is beginning to make me wonder if it has anything to do with the cooking oil being used?  If so, the oil must have such a name as, 'suck the flavor outta the food oil'.

And though I sit here writing somewhat a sour review of Fish Grill I must admit that  Fish Grill on both occasions I have sat and ate there had a moderate amount of customers flowing in, which just goes to show that not all tastes are made equal.

So here's the Fish Grill suggestion of the year, if you ever find yourself at Fish Grill go for any of the fish taco plates which tend to be slightly more flavorful and a lot less dry.

And to end on a good note you'll be glad to hear that hypochondriac Tummy did not suffer any gassy after-affects this time around.

1 Mesquite Grilled Trout Plate
1 Fried Fish Taco Plate
1 Grilled Fish Taco Plate

The Damage: $30.57

Fish Grill
7226 Beverly Blvd.
LA CA 90036
(323) 937.7162

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