Fish Grill on Beverly Blvd.

Tummy is a hypochondriac, Tummy thinks she's gluten intolerant as well as wheat intolerant and we can't forget about dairy- Tummy also believes she's lactose intolerant.  Tummy is a hypochondriac, so much so that Tummy is very much of the time fidgety, uncomfortable and easily coaxed into having indigestion- Tummy says, "thank you Alka-Seltzer!"  Right now Tummy is complaining about the exceeding amount of gas piling up (if in fact gas can pile up) and Mr. Sphincter is letting everyone know.  

Mr. Sphincter is obnoxious, grumpy and doesn't like to take orders, on a good day Mr. Sphincter keeps to himself- this isn't one of those days.  Today, right now, Mr. Sphincter is giving everyone a sphincterful especially Tummy.  Scolding Tummy he is, for digesting that very tasty yet somehow gassy food from that new place... Fish Grill.

Let me start from the beginning...

Brother Charlie and I sat in a cafe for most of the day doing what we do best, living.  When it was time to leave and this surely meant it was time to eat since we never say it's time to leave unless it's time to eat, we decided to check out "that fish place down the street" Brother Charlies aid.  We've eyed it a couple of times but never had the chance to give it a try, NOW was our chance- CARPE DIEM!

It is a rather random fish shack on busy semi-chic Beverly Blvd.  Small on the inside with a bit of covered outdoor patio seating to the side with usual fish-shackesque decor, it is cute.

We ordered.

We picked a seat... outside.

We ordered to share, the sea-bass plate which came with french-fries and what looked like and kind of tasted like Mexican-rice (though I'm not positive that's what it was at all).  We were told that their Salmon was the most popular dish there, naturally they were all out of salmon- so sea-bass it was!

Let me begin with the french-fries because I LOVE em so.

"I think these french-fries might be fresh" Brother Charlie said, and so I would have to agree because... *munch munch, indeed they seemed mighty fresh.  But fresh fries don't necessarily mean tasty fries, they weren't terrible fries or even tasteless fries as they sometimes are, but they were no McDonald fries (Okay, There! I said it!  I admit it, I'm guilty- I LOVE MCDONALD FRENCH FRIES!)... and these Fish Grill fries my dears, as fresh as they are were no McDonald french fries.

The sea-bass was grilled charred yumminess, a smidge dry but none the less tasty for such a random fish-shack in the middle of Beverly Blvd.

Rice Pilaf, a bit tasteless after the first couple of spoons and the oily-ness underneath left on the paper was a bit alarming.  "What do they have to do to make rice this oily?"  I asked Brother Charlie in wonder- we couldn't really figure it out but both agreed unanimously that it couldn't mean anything good.

It wasn't like the sea-bass was superb or the french fries outstanding and the rice was a bit, well, I could have done without the rice.  And of course we still finished the whole order!  I saw at least a dozen people go in and out while we were there and we weren't there for very long, 45 minutes tops.  There's something about this place, maybe it really was that delicious?  I'm not all too sure we ordered the best thing on the menu and most everything seemed to be fried and a little oily- but that's all a part of it, isn't it?

I've made up my mind, I must go back and give it another try.  The fish tacos looked fantastic, I'll have to order that instead.  I saw a man with fish tacos on his plate, little tacos with mounds of fish and shredded cabbage!  I must I must I must!

As Brother Charlie stretched out in comfort of a full tums I was pinching my cheeks to let out not even a squeak pass by, not those cheeks the other ones.  Yes, that's right, it took but 5 minutes after eating at Fish Grill to get Tummy big and gassy and very unhappy.

1 Sea-bass plate

The Damage:  $14.21

Fish Grill
7226 Beverly Blvd.
LA CA 90036
(323) 937.7162

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